Pop music does matter, but composers have nothing to do with it. Some of the best pop music is the least composerly, and much of the most strongly ‘composed’ pop is boring. Pop has its own complexities and quandaries, and they do not relate to manuscript paper. (Or engraving software.)

Paul Kilbey: Is Jonny Greenwood a Real Composer? (Huffington Post 31 May 2012)

Along the lines of what I’ve been thinking, practising Wolfmother and Sabbath for our new garage band (=a hobby) and trying to get that sound right.

I feel like the best way to be a musical citizen is to promote the music that you like. Just before you called me, a friend of mine was IM-ing me. He’s a professional coin collector. He lives in Munich. And he was like, “Send me music.” So I sent him all of this English choral music. And he sent me some Brazilian funk band that he’s gotten into. And that to me is the essence of the perfect way to be a musical citizen.

I haven’t been in a record store forever, but do you remember that room they had for classical music? That crazy room you had to go into? And it felt like you were buying some really specific kind of pornography? It was like you had some messed-up predilection. And all of that is undoing itself. It’s not genres.”

Has the death of the record company meant the birth of new possibilities for composers and performers?
— SXSW Festival, press release for “They Used to Call It Classical” (panel discussion) of 16 March 2012, Austin, TX